Natural Therapies Association of North America
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In the last 2 years several private associations have merged and formed NTANA so we can lower your costs and improve your benefits. The organizations that merged into NTANA are:

American Association of Spiritual Healers and Coaches (AASHC), Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Education Association (AEOEA), Biofeedback Association of North America (BANA), Life Coach Education Association of America (LCEAA), Light and Sound Therapy Association of America (LSTAA), Light Therapy Coach Education Association (LTCEA), Light Therapy Education Association of America (LTEAA), Neurofeedback Association of America (NFBAA), Neurofeedback Education Association International (NFBEA) and (NFBAI), Pain Education Association (PAINEA), Pain Management Coach Education Association (PMCEA), Quantum Biofeedback Coaches Association (QBFCA), Quantum Feedback Coach Association (QFBCA) , Reflexology and Acupressure Education Association of America (RAEAA), Sound Therapy Association of America (STAOA), Sound Therapy Coach Education Association (STCEA), Spiritual Life Coach Association of America(SLCAA), Spiritual Life Coach Education Association (SLCEA), Stress Management Association of America (SMAOA), Stress Management Coach Education Association (SMCEA), Vibration Therapy Coach Education Association (VTCEA), Zero Point Association, and Zero Point Education Association of America (ZPEAA).

The biggest and best benefit you have is that you can incorporate any of the skills listed above into your private practice as soon as you're qualified to provide those services. These skills include: Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Biofeedback, Essential Oils, Life Coaching, Light Therapy, Neurofeedback, Neurotherapy, Pain Management, Quantum Biofeedback, Quantum Feedback, Reflexology, Sound Therapy, Spiritual Coaching, Spiritual Healing, Stress Management, Vibration Therapy and Zero Point Therapy.


You need to be licensed as a spiritual coach, healer or minister to legally provide spiritual healing and/or coaching services.

You need to be certified in your primary natural therapies profession in order to add any new skills to your professional practice.

Please note that if your primary natural therapies profession is not listed above, you may want to consider joining:

HCANA if your primary profession is in the health professions --

NEAOA if your primary profession is in the nutrition professions --

WCANA if your primary profession is in the wellness professions --

Please note that if you are licensed by your state, you may also operate a tax-exempt, nonprofit natural therapies practice. You can keep the practice and the gross income separate from your licensed profession.

1. What We Are and What We Do

We are a faith based private membership, tax exempt, nonprofit education and membership association for properly licensed or certified professionals serving our industry. We believe the Divine guided us to natural therapies to help ourselves -- and the people the Divine sends to us -- to thrive and overcome the toxic air, toxic drugs, toxic foods, toxic water and other toxins in this world.

Members are required to obtain and maintain accredited certification and/or spiritual licensing in their primary profession.

If you're not currently properly licensed or certified, we encourage you to become certified by an accredited certification board such as the Natural Therapies Certification Board ( and/or by the Federation of Spiritual Healer License Boards (

Because we're nonprofit and because we have several volunteers to help you, we can offer you many benefits for a lot less than you would normally pay to become a Professional Member of any professional association.

2. You Have Two Membership Options if your Organization Grosses or Will Gross Less Than $50K:

We offer two types of membership to best serve you and your needs:

1. Professional Service Providers and Professional Educators who gross or will gross less than $25K

2. Professional Service Providers and Professional Educators who gross or will gross more than $25K but less than $50K


3. Professional Member Benefits

The benefits of Professional Membership include:

1. Your personal private membership association or private education organization will be formed under constitutional law specifically for you and your members or students so you have the Freedoms of Association, Choice, Confidential communications, Confidentiality of your personal communications, data and documents, Religion, Self-Determination, Speech and all other Civil Rights.

2. Your personal private membership association or private education organization will be formed as a faith based natural therapies association and/or as a faith based spiritual, spiritual coach, spiritual healer or spiritual ministries association or organization for any of the following natural therapies professions: acupressure, aromatherapy, biofeedback, coach, color therapy, essential oils, life coach, light therapy, light and sound therapy, natural therapy, neurofeedback, neurotherapy, pain management, quality of life, quantum biofeedback, quantum feedback, quantum therapy, reflexology, sound therapy, spiritual coach, spiritual healer, spiritual life coach, spiritual therapy, stress management, vibration therapy, zero point biofeedback, zero point therapy or any similar professions.

3. Certification of your organization's website as legitimate, authentic and truthful -- and we'll help you qualify

4. Periodic newsletter with up-to-date news and helpful tips

5. Free courses, workshops and webinars to earn CEU for recertification in your primary natural therapies profession

Please note that if your primary profession is not a natural therapy

Become a Professional Member Now!

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3. Additional Benefits for Professional Educators

If you are a professional educator you may qualify for a PMEAA-managed scholarship to help you become accredited by the American Accreditation Commission whether you are also a professional services provider or not.

This scholarship will pay your application for accreditation fees which are currently $3500 USD or more and your monthly accreditation fees each month which are currently $125.00 per month for as long as your NTANA, PNTAA, PMFBO or PMEAA membership is in good standing. Note that this scholarship is only available through NTANA to professionals whose primary profession is natural therapies.

Check the box labeled "I am a Professional Educator" in the Application to become a Professional Member. PMEAA will assign a volunteer accreditation expert to help you qualify for accreditation and file your application. Note that if you also provide professional natural therapies services to the public



If you are willing to use these tools and our help to build a wonderful career, then

Become a Professional Member Now!

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5. Membership Options if your Organization Grosses or Will Gross More Than $50K:

If your Organization grosses or will gross more than $50K this year but less than $200K, Go to:

PNTAA for all Natural Therapies Professionals

PHAOA for all Health Professionals

PNEAA for all Nutrition Professionals

PWEAA for all Wellness Professionals

If your organization grosses or will gross more than 200K this year:

Go to PMFBO for all Faith Based Health, Natural Therapies, Nutrition and Wellness Organizations

Go to PMEAA for all other Private Organization